What are the benefits of having a pizza subscription vs one time pizza box?

Matthew Grant Updated by Matthew Grant

Great question! GA is home to the world’s first pizza subscription—our subscription is for pizza lovers that crave convenience and variety. With the subscription you get:

  • The chance to try all of our pizzas, by switching up your order between deliveries and enjoying Chef’s latest and greatest through speciality menu items.
  •  ‘Set it and forget it’ convenience once you’ve found your  favourite pies. The subscription can be customized to fit most schedules—with three frequencies (4, 6 or 8 weeks)
  •  The ability to skip an order or cancel anytime. Subscribers benefit from a lower delivery fee and the best pricing on 6-stacks and up.
  • More to come! 

The one-time box is ideal for pizza lovers that want to try our pizzas or who want the flexibility of being able to order their pizza whenever it suits them. 

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